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Saunas - An Introduction

Many cultures the world over have had their own variations of saunas.

It is essentially a small room or building that has been specially designed to be heated to high temperatures with a level of controlled humidity.

Around the world saunas have been used for both recreation and therapeutic purposes while the most common use is for relaxation and for the health benefits that saunas can offer.

What types of saunas are available?

There are several types of saunas available including:

  • Dry saunas – a sauna where the air itself is heated and there is no steam produced. This type of sauna is very low in humidity.
  • Wet / Steam saunas – this is the “traditional” sauna experience where steam is created by splashing water onto heated volcanic rocks. Wet saunas are more comfortable than dry saunas, as they do not get as hot and the humidity level is higher.
  • Herbal saunas – this is a steam sauna with the addition of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.
  • Infrared saunas – the body itself is heated and not the air. The heating is done by using a special far infrared heated. The heat penetrates the body more deeply than other types of saunas, meaning you sweat more as well as getting the best detoxification benefits. Infrared saunas are considered the most comfortable type of sauna.

There is nothing like the heat of a sauna and it is becoming more and more achievable to have your own sauna experience at home. But do you want the traditional steam heat experience or the newer infrared experience?

Here’s what you need to know.

About Infrared Saunas

An infrared sauna is one that uses far infrared rays as the principle source of heating inside the sauna. What happens is that the heater produces infrared rays that actually penetrate the skin and enter the body, so you are being warmed from the inside out. The actual air inside the sauna remains at a relatively comfortable temperature. It is the body that is being warmed not the air. The infrared rays are produced by a carbon or a ceramic heater.

An infrared sauna can be installed as a permanent sauna or it can be a portable sauna. Portable saunas mean that you can simply assemble and disassemble the sauna as needed and that you can place the sauna wherever you like at any given time. You can plug in smaller infrared saunas to a standard power point but larger ones will probably require their own power supply. Once installed and turned on, an infrared sauna can take up to ten minutes to preheat and you will start sweating after another ten to twenty minutes of sitting in it.

About Steam Heat Saunas

A traditional steam heat sauna operates at very high temperatures. What happens is that the air inside the sauna is heated to a high temperature and steam is created by splashing water over heated rocks. The rocks are heated using a special, waterproof heater that is powered by gas or electricity, or even by burning wood.

Traditional steam heat saunas are generally installed as permanent sauna but it may be possible to buy them in a kit form. You do however require an electrician to install a steam heat sauna as they may need their own source of power. Traditionally, steam heat saunas are made from Cedar as it is a durable softwood that can stand up well to the heat and steam created. A steam heat sauna can take up to 45 minutes to preheat but you can start sweating as soon as you enter the sauna and pour water over the rocks.

Choosing the Location

Where do you want the sauna to go? This is the first – and very important – question to ask. A bathroom or laundry is best, as a sauna should be installed on tiles or concrete. Plus it makes sense to take a sauna where you bathe. However, some people prefer an outdoor sauna – just be sure not to install it on grass or timber.

Should I choose a traditional or an infrared sauna?

The type of sauna that you choose will depend on the type of sauna experience you want. If you want the traditional sauna experience, you can’t go past the famous steam saunas, but if you want an energy efficient, effective sauna that allows you to spend more time inside it, an infrared sauna may be the way to go.

Can I buy a portable sauna?

Portable or modular saunas are definitely available and they are becoming more and more popular due to the ease of set up (just plug and play, so to speak), and the fact that you can take them with you when you move.

What size sauna should I buy?

The size of sauna that you choose will depend on how many people you wish to be able to use it at the same time. Saunas can be built to accommodate just one person through to ten people or more.

How do I provide the heat to my sauna?

When you are installing a sauna, you have several different options for sauna heaters. Your main choices are infrared heaters, electric heaters, gas powered heaters, or solid fuel heaters such as wood burning stoves.

Are saunas cheap to run?

The cost of running your sauna will depend primarily on the heating method that you have chosen. The cheapest method is an infrared heater due to their incredible energy efficiency and the fact that they are so fast to heat up. Gas heaters can also be very cost effective to run. Electrical and solid fuel heaters can cost you the most to run. Of course, the cost of running your sauna will also depend on how large it is, how often you use it, and how long you use it for at a time.

How do I install a sauna?

How your sauna is installed depends on the type of sauna that you buy. Portable or pre-assembled saunas are your best bet if you want an easy to install sauna. Other saunas come in kits that you can put together yourself or with a mate. The most elaborate saunas are permanent saunas housed inside a room or a special building and these will require professional installation.

Can I do the sauna wiring myself?

The simple answer to this question is never. All electrical work required for your sauna must be done by a licensed electrical professional.

Health Benefits


One of the ways the body flushes out toxins is by expelling sweat. The body converts certain toxins into substances that are water soluble, which pass through the skin's pores in sweat. If a person sits in a sauna long enough to sweat, this is a good way to get rid of harmful toxins.

Improving Circulation

The heat from a sauna warms the body’s muscle fibers, which increases blood flow and improves circulation. This helps flush out toxins and replenish the muscle. Optimal circulation is important for good cardiovascular health. All this contributes to feeling refreshed after having a sauna.

Stronger Immune System

Another benefit of heat is that it helps the body create more white blood cells. These cells are responsible for attacking infections and diseases that infiltrate the body. A person with a higher count of white blood cells will stay healthier and heal faster from illnesses. Source (

Weight Loss

The heat increases a person's basal metabolic rate, which helps the body burn calories better throughout the day. The number of calories burnt from using a sauna depends on the individual. People with certain health conditions may have to limit their time in a sauna or use a specific temperature range. Ask your doctor for his advice if you are unsure.

Stress Relief

The muscles often tense up when a person feels stressed, and the heat from a sauna can help relax tight muscles. For stress that comes with depression, it is important to consult a physician.

Better Sleep

When the muscles have been relaxed and blood is circulating optimally, it is easier to sleep at night. People who are relaxed while they are asleep enjoy a better quality of sleep that leaves them feeling rested after waking. Heat also helps many people feel sleepy, so a visit to a sauna shortly before bedtime may be helpful to people who find it difficult to fall asleep.

Pain Relief

A sauna may help relieve pain with three natural actions: Dilating blood vessels, easing muscle tension, and improving circulation. Typical conditions which may benefit from regular sauna use include: Arthritic pains, muscle aches, shoulder stiffness, neck pain, back pain, and headaches. When using a sauna for extended pain relief, it is important to ask a personal physician about time and temperature recommendations for optimal results.

Skin Cleansing

Saunas cause the pores to open up. When sweat starts coming out, it will flush out oil, bacteria, dirt, makeup, or any other residue that has collected in the pores. People who flush out their pores regularly will notice an improved complexion. People who suffer from cellulite may find regular sauna usage reduces their cellulite.

Feeling Revitalized

In addition to the health benefits saunas provide, they also help people feel better overall. After leaving the sauna and resting, the majority of users report feeling refreshed and revitalized. People who use saunas regularly do not complain of feeling unwell as often as people who do not use them.

Social Interaction

For those who own larger sauna units, there is also a social benefit. Guests will enjoy coming over to use the sauna.

Sauna Gallery

Welcome to our gallery archive. Here you will find photos of all aspects of our sauna installations including examples of: installation work, completed saunas, and (watch this space)


Installation Gallery

A gallery showing examples of what is involved with the installation of a sauna.

Completed Installations

Dual Mode Combination Saunas

A dual mode sauna features the functionality of both a far infrared sauna and a traditional steam sauna within one complete sauna room. Infrared emitters offer modern approach of sauna bathing in infrared energy or using the conventional sauna heater with sauna stones i.e. higher temperatures and a variable humidity level within the sauna room as steam is created when water is poured over the stones.

Custom Saunas

HELO Sauna offers the most custom solutions for Sauna's. Pooltech offers custom solutions that go above and beyond. Custom Sauna's can fit any space imaginable. For more information on Custom Cut Saunas call us during normal business hours. 631-694-4752

Infrared Saunas

Also known as a FIR sauna or dry sauna, these saunas utilize infrared “emitters” to heat the body directly, as opposed to a traditional sauna that heats the air within the room first, which then in turn causes the body to heat up.

Outdoor Saunas

An Outdoor Sauna gives the benefits of Sauna anywhere in the backyard. Modular Roof Kits have various ways of finish. Some of the finishes include standard shingles to Cedar Shake Shingles. Clear Stain gives the outdoor sauna elegance. Maintenance free siding options are also available. Custom interior woods with custom bench configuration options gives the versatility of an indoor sauna in your own backyard.

Panel Built Saunas

Panel Built Saunas come prefabricated and are less labor intensive putting together. If you plan on moving and want to move your sauna with you, this Solution is the best!


Pooltech Services all makes and models of Sauna and Steam for Commercial and Residential. Also, sauna cleaning is available for both residential and commercial as well. Please call us at 631-694-4752 to schedule an appointment today.

Combination Saunas

More images coming soon...

Outdoor Saunas

More images coming soon...

Combination Saunas

More images coming soon...


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We Are An Authorised HELO Sauna Distributer

Helo Saunas are the premium brand in the sauna and steam industry offering the highest standards in both design and build quality.

Each Sauna is hand crafted from scratch and built with the upmost care. Several types of wood are available for you to choose from when building your sauna: European Alder; Western Red Cedar; and Canadian Hemlock are some examples. Helo Saunas offer customers total flexibility - being suitable for inside or outdoor locations.

Helo’s designs include:

  • Onyx
  • Arctic Lights Sauna
  • Northern Star
  • Synergy
  • Serenity
  • Vista Sauna

Features include:

  • Valance lighting
  • Backrests
  • Bench Skirts
  • Headrests
  • Leg rests
  • Speakers
  • Radios
  • Decorative Glass
  • Movable Benches

Helo Saunas digital controls maximize simplicity while offering full control of all sauna features.

Helo saunas use vulcanite rocks to create steam and help with your relaxation. There are several different types of Sauna heaters and the size varies on the type of Sauna you choose to purchase. These heaters can be wall mounted or floor standing. The heaters that are available are:

  • Junior Heater- wall mounted
  • Designer B- wall mounted
  • Designer T- wall mounted
  • Soft Heat Maxi- wall mounted
  • Viki Heater- wall mounted
  • Soft Heat Steamy- wall mounted
  • Octa Heater- floor standing
  • Pro-floor standing

Helo Sauna Accessories include:

  • Wooden buckets and wooden tubs
  • Wood ladles
  • Bath Brush
  • Wall Light
  • Clocks
  • Towels
  • Back scrubber
  • Slippers
  • 8 different types of fragrances
  • Thermometer