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What Is A Spa?

Today, the terms hot tub and spa are used interchangeably. The word "spa" is often associated with a health resort destination or a commercial establishment where patrons can get aesthetic services, massages, facials, etc. Thus, the term "hot tub" is more specific in describing that hot, bubbly tub, and is more often used to distinguish it from a day spa. The word “spa” in this website is synomynous with a “hot tub”. Sometimes a spa or hot tub is referred to by a trade name: “Jacuzzi”.

A spa or hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of heated water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes, providing: warmth, relaxation and a massage-effect on people's muscles and joints. They are used for therapeutic and social reasons. In the early days -- the late 1960s, early 1970s -- hot tubs were made from wood, including cedar, redwood, cypress, teak or a composite. In the mid-1970s, the technologically advanced portable acrylic spas were introduced, replacing the wooden tubs in popularity.

Types Of Spa

There are four basic types of spas:

  • Portable spas: There are two versions of portable spas. Many brands come with hard shells and are really too heavy and bulky to be easily moved, but can be transported if the need arises. Inflatable portable spas weigh only 100 lbs. and when deflated are highly compact and portable.
  • Relaxation spas are the least expensive of the "hard shell" spas. They include water jets and heating systems, but are not really designed for hydrotherapy purposes.
  • Hydrotherapy Spas. Strictly speaking, any spa delivers the hydrotherapeutic benefits of the buoyancy of water, the soothing qualities of warmth and the massage effect of water jets. However, some spas are designed specifically for hydrotherapy. They will include extra features such as ergonomically designed seating, multiple trigger point massage jets and/or access for disabled persons.
  • Swim spas are the most expensive type of spa. They are generally larger than other types of spas; usually around 14ft. long. They are multi-purpose spas with resistance jets at one end that allow you to "swim in place" much like you run in place on a jogging machine. They also include spa jets for relaxation and can seat 5 or more when used for relaxation.

These are the basic types of spas, but there are many variations in between. The smallest spas are just big enough to seat two comfortably, with hydrotherapy jets strategically placed so that two occupants can enjoy relaxing neck and back massages at the same time. Larger spas seat four, six or up to 10 and include massage jets for all occupants.

How Does A Spa Work?

A spa continuously recirculates warm water through pressurised water jets. These jets have both a direct and indirect massaging effect on the body. For example, you can sit with your back or neck in front of a water jet for a direct back or neck massage while at the same time the swirling water indirectly gives you a soothing all over massage.

A spa works in three stages:

  • Water is drawn from near the surface of the spa and goes through a filtering process. The filtration system can be either a suction system which skims away impurities as the water is being pumped or a pressure system that forces water through a cartridge filter.
  • After the water is filtered, it passes through the heating element. The heating element can be gas, electric or solar. Solar systems may also have gas or electric backup or be used as an energy saving partial heating element.
  • The heated water is then pumped into the pool through the water jets. Many of today's spas use an air induction system that mixes air with water to increase the thrust of the water. The pressure from the jets can usually be adjusted to suit your preference.

A spa will also be fitted with a drain. Unlike an ordinary bath tub, the filtration system and water additives make it unnecessary to drain the spa every time you use it, but periodically you will need to drain your spa for cleaning and maintenance.

Health Benefits


The combination of heat massage and buoyancy in a hot tub can relieve tension and stress is pressure on the joints and stimulate natural endorphin production.


Soaking in a hot tub prior to bedtime may help you fall into a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

Sports Injuries

Leading physios also say a soak aids recovery from post match aches and more serious muscle and joint injuries. Top sports men and women have installed hot tubs to keep themselves in Peak mental and physical condition and to speed up rehabilitation.

High Blood Pressure & Stroke

Research suggests soaking in a hot tub for 15 minutes will lower a person’s blood pressure. New studies also reveal hot tubs enhance rehabilitation for patients recovering from a stroke.

Muscular aches and strains

Hot water increases the temperature of muscles, causing blood vessels to dilate which increases blood flow to them. This boosts circulation and reduces tension which in turn aids relaxation. Hot tubs also help the body to eliminate waste products detoxifying the body.


Joint pain and inflammation due to arthritis can be eased with a hot tub session. The arthritis research campaign recommends a morning dip to warm up joints and make movement easier throughout the day.

Colds and infections.

Patients with upper respiratory infections, asthma, colds and bronchitis can all benefit from hot tub sessions. Please help to open Airways and promote the circulation of healing white blood cells.

Diabetes & Weight Issues

Research in the States shows that daily 30 minute sessions in a hot tub 6 times a week for 3 weeks can reduce blood sugar levels by an average of 13%. Hot tub use is also believed to increase metabolic rate and digestion, which research suggests could lead to weight loss of an average of 3 and a half pounds without any change to your diet or exercise regime.

Skin care

Through the creation of thousands of tiny oxygenating bubbles, new micro cell technology is proven to moisturize and rehydrate skin and even relieve the symptoms of eczema. Its inventors claim that Microsoft will also make your skin smoother, and even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Identify what kind of hot tub you want:

  • Do you want to use your hot tub for relaxation or do you want to include it in your entertaining as well?
  • Look at what you want from the spa with regards to size, seating, jets, features and general appearance.

Spasauna will assist you with the more technical requirements such as:

  • How easy is it to get power to the area? You will need a suitable electrical supply running to the tub. Spa sauna can provide all electrical connections as required for your installation.
  • How easily can you drain the wet area?
  • Depending on how easy it is to access the installation area for your Spa a gurney or spa dolly will be required or at worst a crane may be required . You may have to remove fencing or gates to enable access.
  • Your hot tub needs a good solid level Foundation. A hot tub filled with water and 4 people can weigh up to two and a half tons. A concrete base needs to be at least four inches thick.
  • If your ground is not perfectly flat it will need an area levelled to ensure the hot tub is installed on a flat incline.
  • You don't need a permanent water supply for a hot tub or spa.

Choosing your position:

  • Does it afford you privacy from your neighbors?
  • If you have children you need to be able to easily check they are safe.
  • Make an outline of your preferred position for your spa and sit there to give you an idea of the view you will have. Consider the route from the house to the hot tub. You want to minimise grass and soil being transferred from feet to spa.
  • Avoid gravel or grass around the tub as these can end up in the spa from feet and block access to maintenance points.
  • Avoid slippery or rough paving. Consider non-slip, decking for maximum safety.
  • Avoid placing your spot underneath a tree , as the last thing you want to do is continually pick out decaying leaves from your water.
  • It is advisable to have an outdoor tap and hose pipe within reach and desirable to have an accessible drain which makes emptying your tub easier.
  • For safety's sake avoid placing your hot tub within 10 ft. of overhead power cables.
  • Will noise from the area cause a problem with neighbors?
  • Is lighting or rain protection required?
  • Do you want your Spa or hot tub to be sunk into the ground or raised from the floor.

Post Installation:

  • Once installed spa sauna will check everything is fully operational before handing over to you offering and giving you a thorough training of how all of the hot tub features work.
  • Spa sauna will provide information and advice about testing and maintaining clean water, leading you through the process before leaving you alone to enjoy your pride and joy.

Spa Gallery

Welcome to our gallery archive. Here you will find photos of all aspects of our spa installations including examples of: removals, installation work, completed spas, examples of covers and types of servicing we offer.


If you have an old spa which requires removal here are some examples of the type of work involved.


Installation requires preparation, delivery and then finally the installation itself. Browse our photos to see eaxmples of all these processes.


This gallery shows the finished product, installed and ready to enjoy.


Covers are an importnat part of protecting your spa from debris and also play a major role in keeping the running costs to a minimum.


This gallery shows examples of the types of servicing we can offer you, or if you wish to do it yourself we are happy to educate you on how to do this. We can supply the materials and you can do the service yourself, saving money in the process.


SpaSauna (Pooltech) Provides services for Removal of your old spa. Whether you are moving or buying a new spa, we believe in moving your old spa to another location. Please call 631-694-4752 to schedule a spa move.




Come back often to see pictures of updated spa installations.

Completed Installs

Pictures will be updated regularly as we complete more installations...

Spa Covers

Spa covers offer: tapered core - providing greater strength and thermal characteristics; Continuous Heat seal - keeping heat in the lids where it belongs; Double Wrapping to extends the life of the lid against water entry.


Check back often to see updated pictures of servicing. SpaSauna (Pooltech) services ALL makes and models of spas.

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Why Maax?

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M Series

The beauty of the new M series hot tubs from California Cooperage® can only be matched by their affordability.

The current acrylic assembly makes them resilient to the elements and easy to preserve.

The plug and play design of the M series makes them simple to set up and operate.

Relaxing in your new M series is like entering a stress free zone, escaping into a paradise, away from daily stresses.

100 Series

This series of hot tubs is designed to fit in tight spaces. They are great for indoors and are designed to provide optimal relaxation and stress relief.

Model 101

The California Cooperage model 101 is the smallest of the collection. It is an oval shape and designed to fit in tight spaces. It is designed to fit 1 or 2 people and provide intimate relaxation time. It comes with 1 HP pump and has the option of stainless steel jets.

Model 102

The model 102 is slightly larger than the 101 model. It can fit up to 3 people and is designed to fit nicely in the corner of a room. It comes with a 1.5 HP pump and also has the option of stainless steel jets.

Model 103

The model 103 is a circular tub. It can fit up to 4 people and is the perfect centerpiece for a relaxation room. It holds 240 gallons of water and has the option of an illuminated waterfall. The waterfall adds a higher element of beauty to an already magnificent hot tub.

300 Series

Model 311

When it comes to large groups the model 311 is precisely what you are looking for. Its hydrotherapeutic qualities melt away stress in the security of your own home. The comfortable seating will allow you to drift away with ease. Filtration- Water maintenance will become a thing of the past with the California Cooperages balanced filtration system. Water is drained into the structure from the upper skimmer and lower footwell regions.

Model 370

The 370 comprises a 2 pump system with 41 jets. The functionality of these two pumps allows for an intense and stress relieving massage to relax and help you unwind.

Model 371

Model 371 is the optimal model choice. The 371 comes with two pumps and 41 jets to release daily anxieties

Model 380

Model 380 is the biggest California Cooperage and is perfect for customers interested in using the hot tub with multiple people at a time. The 380 fits 7 people comfortably and is perfect for larger families. It has 2 pumps and 45 jets for optimal relaxation.

Model 381

Model 381 is one of the more deluxe spas offered by California Cooperage. It has bench seating to fit multiple people but also contains a reclined lounge seat for relaxation.